Arranging a Veterinary Visit for Your Horse

To get in touch:

  • PHONE 01666 826456  Mon-Fri 8.30am - 5pm   and   Saturday 8.30am - 12pm


  • TEXT 07860 025514

           (text only number monitored Mon-Fri office hours)





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Equine Clinic Zone map

Our FREE VISIT OPTION saves you money when getting your horse vaccinated, and teeth checked if needed. This is based on your existing zone day each week (see map).


There is NO VISIT COST as long as:

1) Your call is booked in via the office by 4pm the previous working day (visits for Mondays MUST be booked in by 4pm on the preceding Friday).

2) You have no time constraints on when the vet comes and no preference for which vet comes. We will, of course, text you on the day with an approximate e.t.a. and keep you updated if this has to change. 



For any other calls you can still take advantage of our discounted "Zone" visit system on a set day each week when we are in your area. You can choose the vet that you would like to visit and we will work with any time constaints that you might have. The zone visit is £26.10 inc VAT.

Click the map above for a larger view of our zone days.

RCVS Accredited Equine Practice


Linda Belton


Angela Jones BVSc Cert AVP MRCVS



For any emergency requiring veterinary attention for your horse, call 01666 826456. This will be answered 24hours a day, 7 days a week.

There is always an equine vet on call