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Milk Fever

October's focus for the newsletter from the Farm Vets is Hypocalcemia (Milk Fever).

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Farm Newsletter - LDA surgical technique

Most of you will have seen us performing LDA or RDA operations at some point but you may not be aware of what is going on while our arm is inside the cow. 

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Ischaemic Teat Necrosis (ITN) - Farm Newsletter

Research is being undertaken into a new and emerging disease in dairy cattle, Ischaemic Teat Necrosis (ITN).  

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Farm Newsletter - Cow Value

Two topics - Cow value and summer mastitis, covered by Vet Ian Cardiff. 

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Newsletter from the Farm Vets - Body Condition

Achieving the correct Body Condition Score (BCS) at the appropriate stage of the cow's production cycle is vital to maximize both the health and profitability of your beef or dairy cows.  

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Sheep newsletter now available

Store Lambs' margins are always very tight, small changes can be the difference between profit and loss. 

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Twins - The Farm Newsletter

May's newsletter from the Farm Vets looks at the incidence of twins

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Farm Newsletter - Biosecurity

Chris Warren addresses the importance of biosecurity on farm and where the greatest threats lie.

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Latest Sheep Newsletter - March

Lambing season is upon us again.

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Farm Vets Newsletter- March

It is fair to say that recognising and understanding pain in farm animals can be a tricky business! 

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The George Farm Vets on the BBC

Did you see our appearance on Countryfile on 19th Feb? 

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Farm Vets Newsletter - Calf Pneumonia

Pneumonia affects more calves than you might think. 

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Lameness Case Study

Happy New Year! The Farm Vets newsletter this month focuses on a case study for foot trimming.

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Farm Newsletter - December

This month we discuss poor condition.

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Trace elements and deficiency

Trace elements are essential to cow health but are only required in minute amounts on a day-to-day basis. 

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Congratulations to Kat Hart

Well done to Kat who was nominated and awarded runner-up in the Dairy Vet of the Year award category at the annual industry Cream Awards. 

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Farm Vets newsletter and Sheep newsletter

Did you follow the Olympics? What similarities can we see in our high-performing cattle?

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Farm Vets Newsletter - August

Infectious disease control is an area that has long been neglected in UK ruminant livestock farming. The twin pressures of TB and production diseases such as mastitis and lameness have meant that infectious disease wasn't systematically addressed. 

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The Farm Vets July Newsletter - Economics

Everybody is well aware of the tough economic climate facing farming today.

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Maximising submission rates

Fertility is the main driver of profitability on any dairy farm and with milk price as poor as it is, fertility becomes even more important. 

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Training courses for farmers

Visit our new page highlighting all the courses on offer to farmers from The George Farm Vets

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Blowfly strike - Sheep Newsletter

Up to 500,000 sheep every year are affected by blowfly strike with recent estimates made that 80% of UK flocks will have one or two cases of strike every year.

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Blowfly strike - Sheep Newsletter

Up to 500,000 sheep every year are affected by blowfly strike with recent estimates made that 80% of UK flocks will have one or two cases of strike every year.

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National Johnes Management Plan (NJMP)

May's newsletter from The George Farm Vets also covers our Medicine Handling Course.

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New Product Launch!

It is not often in the farm animal world that we get a brand new product for a brand new application.

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Hypomagnesaemia     (Grass Staggers)

Most cases of hypomagnesaemia occur in recently-calved beef cows but disease can also occur in dairy cows.

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National Johnes Management Plan

Do you know your herd's Johne's Disease status? Do you have a control plan in place? 

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Care of newborn lambs

Will Sommerville provides an overview of the risk factors associated with lambing

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Dry Cow Management - Farm Vets

Nick Britten BVSc MRCVS gives his insight into this topic in the March newsletter.

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Farm Vets - Poisons and Toxicities

Sarah Metcalfe BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS presents the February newsletter for The George Farm Vets