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Hospital Newsletter Winter 2016-17

Our latest seasonal news update to keep you informed

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Nominate a STAR

Do you feel someone in the Hospital team deserves a little more recognition?

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Flystrike - Rabbits, Cats and Dogs

This year we have seen more cases of fly strike than in previous years.  The condition is generally seen between April and October, but if this warm, humid weather continues we may be seeing it into November. 

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Autumn newsletter from the Hospital team

Summer draws to a close but let's hope September brings an "Indian Summer".

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Chicken swallowed WHOLE!

Vet Emma removed a whole chicken from Nevis the labrador.

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The Big Tick Project

Calling all cat owners - we are asking for your help.

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Record breakers - World Woolsack Champions

They didn't only win it...they smashed it!

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Summer Newsletter from the Hospital team

We're nearly there, it's nearly here! 

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Nurse Awareness Month - May

Ever considered the importance of veterinary nurses in your pet's health care? 

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The George Health Club

Great news for all owners of dogs and cats - spread the cost and save on your pets' preventative health care.

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You've been very generous!

It's been a fantastic year for nominations within the Hospital team.

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Alabama Rot

There has been much in the news and on social media recently about Alabama rot.

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Winter newsletter from the Hospital

Don't forget to check you have enough of any prescriptions over Christmas plus winter SOS

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Eva's Journey - cat spey

What happens during when your cat is admitted to be speyed?

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Fireworks season

BOOM....BANG! BANG!..........................BANG!    B O O M.

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FREE Dental Checks throughout September

That right! Call 01666 823165 to book an appointment for a free check and advice with our nursing team.

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Introducing two new veterinary surgeons

We are delighted to welcome two additions to our Hospital team in Malmesbury.

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Summer Newsletter from the Hospital team

Our summer newsletter is full of useful advice to focus you on the best care for your pets over the coming season.

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Microchip Offer

June is National Microchipping month and an opportunity to have your pet microchipped at a reduced fee.

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The Big Tick Project

We're taking part in the UK wide survey in conjunction with Chris Packham and Bristol University.

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New additions to the Hospital team

Dr Chris Culverwell BVetMed MRCVS and Dr Sarah Long BVSc MRCVS have recently joined us.

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Hospital Newsletter - Spring 2015

The snowdrops are out, the daffs are trying to bloom, and it feels brighter! It must be spring.

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Free Wi-Fi access at the Hospital

Our clients can now enjoy free Wi-Fi while visiting our Malmesbury reception. 

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Would you recommend us?

We regularly receive letters and cards from our clients thanking us for the care and attention devoted to their pets.

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Hospital Newsletter Winter 2014

Winter is nearly here; and the temperatures have certainly dropped. What can you do to prepare your pets?

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Preparation for FIREWORKS


Sudden noises can really affect a pet's behaviour. Use our simple guide to prepare your pets for the firework season ahead.

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Hospital Newsletter Autumn 2014

Our autumn newsletter is now ready. There is still a little summer left (we hope) but one can never be too prepared for what lies ahead! 

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Dogs Die in Hot Cars

It can take as little as 20 minutes!

Click and watch a short but powerful message from Dogs Trust.

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June Microchip offer at The George

If your pet was lost, could it find its way home? Throughout June we are providing additional clinic capacity to meet the demand of our half price offer.

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May is a month dedicated to celebrating the great work delivered by veterinary nurses all over the UK. 

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We should be seeing the sunshine any time now! Our Hospital newsletter with tips for the warmer months is out now.

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We were delighted to host an evening talk with the founder of Hounds for Heroes on 24th February in Royal Wootton Bassett.

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Hospital Newsletter - Spring 2014

Ready for Spring? We can't wait! Our Spring issue of the newsletter is out now. 

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We're delighted to be able invite inspirational speaker Allen Parton to Royal Wootton Bassett to talk about his life and the Hounds for Heroes charity he founded. Click to below for more information. 

Hounds for Heroes charity

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New Year, new you? What applies to you might well be important for your pet's health too.

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All surgeries and departments will follow normal hours with a few minor alterations - Closed (except for emergencies) Weds 25th and Thurs 26th December and Weds 1st January.

Christmas Eve - close at 3pm

New Year's Eve - close at 5pm

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Christmas Poisons

"Christmas is a time for giving", but don't be tempted to share some of the most common foods found in our homes at this time of year - it could prove fatal. Read more and download our helpful advice sheet.

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The nights are getting shorter and the temperature is falling; Winter is around the corner and so here's our newsletter in preparation.

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Pets and Fireworks

As we approach the firework season we offer a few helpful tips in preparation

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Puppy Parties

Introducing your new family pet to other dogs is an important part of improving their socialisation skills. Our puppy parties are an ideal opportunity to meet other puppies as well as for us to offer some early advice and guidance. 

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The Big 100

We have Facebook pages for 3 of our departments, and we've just hit our first century.

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How well do you really know your cat?

This video provides a useful insight into what's really going on when a cat displays certain behaviours.

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Hospital Newsletter - Autumn 2013 - now available

An early release for our Hospital newsletter in order to introduce a few new arrivals to the team.

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Dogs Die In Hot Cars - Don't Cook Your Dog!

If you believe opening a couple of windows is enough to make your pet comfortable in the car please take heed of this video clip. It explains the risks to your dog(s) when you leave it in the car.

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The Blocked cat

A "blocked" cat describes a patient that can't pass urine due to an obstruction. It's more common in males, and if untreated can lead to a life-threatening condition in days.

The Veterinary Expert website provides independent advice and information, and has recently covered this topic.

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Reunited through Microchipping

A stray cat was brought into our Tetbury surgery on Tuesday with a badly damaged tail. After a check for an i.d.chip we discovered that Roses was her name. We were then able to contact her delighted owner Paula and reunite them for the first time since March.

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We're gearing up for Summer and hope that you will find this edition a useful guide to your own preparations for warmer weather or if you are planning a trip abroad with your pets.

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Lucy Hayne Promotes The Work Of Veterinary Nurses

Our Head Nurse, Lucy Hayne, attended the Crufts dog show to assist in promoting the work of the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA). As a council member, Lucy was there to assist on the BVNA stand at the show and offer assistance and advice to those seeking to become veterinary nurses, but also raise the profile of colleagues ahead of National Nursing Awareness Month in May. 

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The ownership of a new pet is a responsibility for life. There are many early considerations and decisions to be taken about the welfare and care of a new family member.

In addition to the information provided by The George, we hope that you find these independent leaflets from the British Veterinary Association a useful guide for planning the future.

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7 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

We thought that you would be interested to read this article, which has been produced by The Veterinary Expert website. The site offers some free advice and guidance in providing the best care for your animals.

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The Yellow Dog UK Project

Because some dogs need space

The Yellow Dog Project was created to bring awareness to dogs who need space while training, recovering from surgery, or being rehabilitated. If you see a dog with a YELLOW ribbon, bandanna or similar on the leash or on the dog, this is a dog which needs some space.