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06-10-2015 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Fireworks season


The autumn is a season of colour for many reasons. While the leaves change colour and fall quietly, it's human nature that provides the noisest and brightest of autumnal celebrations. Bonfire night and the subsequent string of parties and events through to New Year can be great fun for us all but for many pets it is a period of anxiety and stress which can sometimes lead to pets disappearing for days.

The suddeness of noise and unpredictability of the next loud BANG can have a visible effect on pets who have not experienced the season before or who are not accustomed to noise. The good news for pets owners is that there is plenty you can do to help prepare in time for these local events.

We receive plenty of enquiries during October in the lead up to November and beyond. We'd welcome any calls or discussion with our team if you just need some pointers. We also have a short document to give you some helpful tips in preparation for the noisiest time of year. Some of these can be useful for the increased traffic through your homes over the festive period also.

Have a safe and stress-free November. 

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