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You'll find current and previous editions of our Talk Shop newsletter behind each of the links below. The newsletters provide information on a wide range of topics, and no two issues are ever the same!

All pages are downloadable; we hope you enjoy the updates.


JUNE 2017 - Herds in High Temperatures

MAY 2017 - Pregnancy diagnosis

APRIL 2017 - Vice, and eMB

MARCH 2017 - Zinc update

JANUARY 2017 - New buildings; a new focus

DECEMBER 2016 - Winter worries

NOVEMBER 2016 - Vaccination Strategies

OCTOBER 2016 - Best Pig Fair attendance yet - summary

SEPTEMBER 2016 - Goodbye to all that

AUGUST 2016 - Mapping out the future

JULY 2016 - eMB, BPHS and summer vices