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11-09-2015 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
FREE Dental Checks throughout September

Dental disease may not be so easy for pet owners to spot, but Halitosis (bad breath) can help to alert you that something may not be right. Unlike humans, your pet cannot brush its own teeth or take itself off to the dentist every 6 months - it relies on you as its owner.

It's an accumulation of bacteria in your dog's mouth that causes periodontal disease and it is the same kind of bacteria that can travel throughout your pet's body and affect his kidneys, lungs, and heart. If you know what to look for when it comes to your dog's teeth and mouth, you can be better prepared to deal with any problems that may arise. 

We cover dental care during puppy party sessions and are always available to assist with any questions you have during normal visits, but here is an opportunity to have a dedicated one-to-one free of charge.

Our nurses will be able to give your pet a check up, advise on diet and how it can affect teeth and gums as well as offer tips on how to clean your pet's teeth if you are unsure or anxious.

We look forward to seeing you. Call our Malmesbury branch for a September appointment. 01666 823165.



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