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10-05-2013 - - Pig - 0 comments
The George Pig Practice - Talk Shop May 2013

The May edition of Talk Shop covers Erysipelas, Mycotoxins and Heat Stress as well as concerns over the future of the BPHS.

08-05-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments

We're gearing up for Summer and hope that you will find this edition a useful guide to your own preparations for warmer weather or if you are planning a trip abroad with your pets.

03-05-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments
Parasite Forecast May 2013 - Webinar and Summary

This month's issue covers the developing regional situation for Nematodirus along with PGE, chronic fluke, lungworm and headfly. The Disease Alert covers three topical cattle and sheep health/production issues, including bull sub fertility and optimising dairy fertility.

A webinar and downloadable copy of the forecast is available.