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22-04-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Lucy Hayne Promotes The Work Of Veterinary Nurses

Our Head Nurse, Lucy Hayne, attended the Crufts dog show to assist in promoting the work of the British Veterinary Nursing Association (BVNA). As a council member, Lucy was there to assist on the BVNA stand at the show and offer assistance and advice to those seeking to become veterinary nurses, but also raise the profile of colleagues ahead of National Nursing Awareness Month in May. 

18-04-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments

The ownership of a new pet is a responsibility for life. There are many early considerations and decisions to be taken about the welfare and care of a new family member.

In addition to the information provided by The George, we hope that you find these independent leaflets from the British Veterinary Association a useful guide for planning the future.

08-04-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments
Farm Vets Newsletter April 2013 - TB

In April's edition, Tim covers the badger culling pilot, ahead of its launch, presenting some of the facts and figures surrounding the issues of TB and rising badger numbers.  

08-03-2013 - - Farm - 0 comments
Farm Vets Newsletter March 2013

The Farm Vets' Newsletter has been produced this month by Chris Warren with a focus on ketosis, also known as ketonaemia. There's a new introduction for the team and a spot of classifieds!

25-02-2013 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
7 Signs You Shouldn't Ignore

We thought that you would be interested to read this article, which has been produced by The Veterinary Expert website. The site offers some free advice and guidance in providing the best care for your animals.