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Farm Vets Newsletter Oct 2013

October's Newsletter has been written by Tom Oxtoby and covers Herd Genetics and also New Forest Eye disease.

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This month's webinar includes the updated liver fluke forecast, lungworm, Ostertagiosis and lice in cattle and parasite gastroenteritis in sheep, including advice on worming and quarantining purchased animals. 

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 From 1st October we are delighted to be taking the farm clients previously of the Avenue Veterinary Centre (Bristol), and their animals, into our care. We'd like to extend a warm welcome to all and look forward to working together and delivering the highest level of care and service - we offer a comprehensive range of services and with 14 dedicated Farm Vets we have a wealth of management skills and experience. 

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Puppy Parties

Introducing your new family pet to other dogs is an important part of improving their socialisation skills. Our puppy parties are an ideal opportunity to meet other puppies as well as for us to offer some early advice and guidance. 

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Farm Vets Newsletter Sept 13

Cathy covers HYPOCALCAEMIA for the Farm Vets in September's edition.