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Blowfly - Are You Prepared For Strike?

Experts advise that preventive action against blowfly strike must be considered even after the unseasonal weather. As temperatures rise above 9°C, overwintered blowfly larvae start to develop and eventually pupate, so the start of the strike season will not be far behind. Blowfly strike can be easily prevented through the use of products which contain insect growth regulators (IGRs).
ITV news covered this preventable issue, with our own Tom Oxtoby on farm to discuss it further. You will find this and more information by clicking through to read more. 

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The Farm Vets July Newsletter

Are your cows walking comfortably? This month Ian Cardiff takes us through the the various options to ensure an easier journey for your cows.

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Reunited through Microchipping

A stray cat was brought into our Tetbury surgery on Tuesday with a badly damaged tail. After a check for an i.d.chip we discovered that Roses was her name. We were then able to contact her delighted owner Paula and reunite them for the first time since March.

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Winners at the World Woolsack Championships

Having enjoyed success in several categories in previous years, 2013 was the year to enter a mixed team into this popular local event, which is held annually in Tetbury.

Farm Vets Gethin and Chris combined with Emily and Emma, representing the Veterinary Hospital, to win through and take the coveted title. It's been a tradition for us to get involved and support the event in every way we can, and previous George Vet Champions were there to cheer on the Group team. A great effort and a lot of watch!  

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Farm Vets Newsletter June 2013

In June's edition, Ed covers non-healing foot lesions as well as pain relief for dehorning and castration.