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13-09-2016 - - Pig - 0 comments
Diploma in Pig Medicine - Congratulations

Alex has done it. The last DPM (Diploma in Pig Medicine) was awarded in 1996 and there are only 12 DPM holders on the RCVS register. 

02-09-2016 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Flystrike - Rabbits, Cats and Dogs

This year we have seen more cases of fly strike than in previous years.  The condition is generally seen between April and October, but if this warm, humid weather continues we may be seeing it into November. 

01-09-2016 - - Farm - 0 comments
Farm Vets newsletter and Sheep newsletter

Did you follow the Olympics? What similarities can we see in our high-performing cattle?

31-08-2016 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Autumn newsletter from the Hospital team

Summer draws to a close but let's hope September brings an "Indian Summer".

05-08-2016 - - Farm - 0 comments
Farm Vets Newsletter - August

Infectious disease control is an area that has long been neglected in UK ruminant livestock farming. The twin pressures of TB and production diseases such as mastitis and lameness have meant that infectious disease wasn't systematically addressed.