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18-02-2016 - - Equine - 0 comments
Don't miss out on a great opportunity

Have you got your ticket?

The George Equine Clinic is hosting an evening with Charlie Unwin and Laura Sharpe on 3rd March.

05-02-2016 - - Farm - 0 comments
Farm Vets - Poisons and Toxicities

Sarah Metcalfe BVetMed (Hons) MRCVS presents the February newsletter for The George Farm Vets

13-01-2016 - - Equine - 0 comments
Winter newsletter from the Equine Clinic

We take a look back at 2015 and some of the highlights as well as what we can look forward to.

05-01-2016 - - Veterinary - 0 comments
Alabama Rot

There has been much in the news and on social media recently about Alabama rot.

04-01-2016 - - Farm - 0 comments
Post Mortem Examinations

This month the Farm Vets focus on the Post Mortem Examination.